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Property Compliance Audit

Property Compliance Audit

Buying or selling a property?

Are you in ownership of all the correct documents when selling your property? Or are wanting to buy a property and are unsure of whether you are being provided with all the correct documents? Do you require more information regarding the property you are in the process of buying? With a property compliance audit; you will receive an in-depth audit with all the relevant background information for the property.

Within a property compliance audit, the following main checklist items should apply:

  • Approved municipal drawings
    • Does your property have up-to-date approved municipal plans?
  • Occupation certificates
    • Does the building on the property have all the applicable occupation certificates?
  • Property zoning
    • What is your property currently zoned as and can you re-zone your property for a different use?
  • Illegal building structures
    • Are there any illegal building structures on the property and can they be made legal?
  • Building line restrictions
    • Are there any building line restrictions and is the building on the property within these building lines?
  • Title deed restrictions
    • What title deed restrictions does the property have and can they be lifted?
  • Town planning queries
    • Any further town planning queries that need to be made, such as a Site Development Plan (SDP)?
  • Servitudes
    • Are there any servitudes within the ERF and what are the restrictions therein?


Do you require any of the following?

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