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Why You Should Choose An Architect…

Why you should choose an architect…

Whether you are looking at building your new home or corporate offices for your company the first question that comes to mind is; whether you need an architect or not. This question is influenced by various factors, like your budget, the area in which you want to build and most importantly your vision for the new building.

These are exciting times as you embark on a journey to bring your vision to reality, and it requires you to be decisive of what you want and how you want it – and that there is the exact reason you need an architect. Someone who will be there to help you make the decisions you need to make, while assisting in bringing your vision to life and provide you with the tangible experiences you require.

A well-planned design is well worth its weight in gold. Employing the services of a professional architect with the experience relevant to your needs and lifestyle will pay dividends in the long-term. An architect not only presents options that are tailor-made to your taste and requirements, but also ensures a cost-effective project.

Before we look at an in-depth role of an architect, let us look at what architecture is and the role it plays in our life. This will aid us in getting a concise understanding of why you need an architect in bringing your vision to reality.

Architecture has proven to be many things – comfort, elegance, modern, expressive, indexical, vernacular – and yet, one of its most exciting aspects is its capacity to reflect the spirit of time, in a way that might be even more substantial than how we see it happen with art. Just by having a glance at buildings built in different places at different moments in time would help us understand our past without using any words. That is the true beauty of architecture; it can be both timeless and personal at the same time, and that is what you want your home or office to represent.


DMV Architecture aims for continuous development within the office through the exploration of space making, we take great pride in the buildings we produce. Our Architecture is rooted in modernist planning principles but is expressed in a timeless aesthetic.

We believe Architecture is a part of the environment and needs to be developed through the careful design and consideration of the surrounding context, this is achieved by understanding, exploring and implementing the fundamental principles that result in good design.  We believe that a successful building will evoke a sense of emotion upon the user that will automatically showcase the hierarchy of the space, thereby creating a feeling of fulfilment not only for the architect but even more so for our clients.

Our aim is to identify and establish the core concept and brand identity along with client’s expectations and needs. Our ideas are born from the site and developed on the sketch pad. Through this DMV Architecture seeks to visualise client’s ideas while setting a realistic benchmark with regards to the budget and time constraints.  Our client’s needs are important to us, this enables us to investigate, evaluate and develop a conclusive brief. We aspire to provide a comprehensive service ranging from spatial design, municipal submission and on-site management.

Our approach in developing a holistic design is unique, and specific to each client’s brief, to embody the essence of your personal space or corporate/retail brand. Creating a unified design language which translates to a space that adheres to every detail and aspect of your identity.

Get in touch with our dynamic and creative team at DMV Architecture to help bring your vision to life. Alternatively, you can visit us at our new offices at The 1054, 254 Main Rd, Walmer, Port Elizabeth.

We’d love to grab a coffee with you and talk about our approach. We help forward thinking clients, like yourself, to succeed in their projects by taking an idea and turning it into great architecture.

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