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Occupation Certificates

Occupation Certificates

What is it?

An occupation certificate is to certify that a building (commercial or residential) has been completed according to its approved municipal building plans along with clearance (COC) certificates. It is vital that a building inspector for your area has checked and approved the building in accordance to the aforementioned documents upon completion of the said building.

Why do you need it?

One of the main reasons for the occupation certificate is safety. It is important that a building is compliant with its approved plans and meets all SANS rules and regulations.

Building insurance would usually be subject to the homeowner providing a copy of the occupational certificate to the insurer, along with the approved building plans. The building owner runs the risk of the insurance company not paying out in the event of a claim due to non-compliance, regardless of whether the fault lies with a builder, electrician, engineer or architect.

As required by the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (1977) an occupation certificate has to be obtained prior to the building being occupied. By law, a building owner may not occupy his/hers premises without an official occupation certificate as signed off by the area building inspector.

What documents are required to obtain the occupation certificate?

  • Municipal approved building plans
  • Relevant documentation from town planning (i.e. re-zoning, building line relaxation, consent) and if necessary, an approved Site Development Plan (SDP)
  • Engineering completion certificate, signed by a registered structural/civil engineer
  • Roof truss certificate issued by a competent person or structural engineer
  • Plumbing certificate issued by a registered plumber
  • Glazing certificate issued by the glazing installer
  • Electrical certificate issued by a registered electrician
  • Fire certificate (for public buildings and thatched roofs)
  • Gas certificate issued by a registered gas installer
  • Architectural certificate issued by the appointed registered person

How can DMV help?

We can assist in obtaining all the necessary certificates and relevant municipal approved drawings for your building.

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