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THE MILL 60 Bed 5* Hotel

3D Design Project
Date: February 2018 | Type: Hospitality

An existing un-used mill on the entrance of an old historic town needed the intervention of a bold statement through the adaptive repurposing of the mill into a 60 bed 5-Star Hotel.

The concrete and brick mill to the north of the four main silos is proposed to be stripped back, exposing its framed structure and additional four-storey silos that exist within this building.

New bedrooms in the form of light-weight pre-manufactured pods would be slotted in between the building’s frame that allowed for the required room sizes together with the serviceability thereof.

On the uppermost level, an exclusive restaurant would cater to the hotel, but also the public, and would boast a glass floor where patrons could dine directly over the four storey deep silos. This level also offered a cocktail bar with a rim-flow pool.

Central to the development; the four main silos, which are the focal point, forms the main entrance, reception and vertical circulation for the hotel.
It also houses an art gallery, auditorium and tailored spiral staircase within the silos.

To the south of the hotel, a new structure is added to incorporate additional rooms. The structure is designed to appear ‘stack-like’ that mimicked the old crates of the time.

The overall aim is to retain the building’s industrial, almost mechanical-like, aesthetic that ties the different building structures together thereby adding a truly unique experience for the guest and visitor.

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