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House Welgemoed

Client: Mr & Mrs. Coetzee | Date: March 2020 | Type: Residential

Well… This Cape Town site offers great opportunity, and as with all our projects; context, budget and client are core!

The existing house was purchased by a young dynamic family who wanted to change it into something that they could not only call home but become something that they felt a part of. What an awesome thought!

So, at first glance, is it a new house?
Actually not.

Our thinking is to try to retain all the essential parts of the home that could remain as they are, i.e. the bedroom quarters, garage and outbuildings.

The main idea is to treat these with basic renovation necessities and to focus all the attention on the main living area that would bind all spaces and the project, as a whole, together. The living space then becomes central to the home and offers a dynamic form that contains the house.

Other noteworthy elements that were introduced:

Opening the home up to existing planters, courtyards, and the view beyond. Formalising the front and back yard spaces, introducing activity to activate the house to all sides. Introducing private and public spaces within an open floor plan.

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