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House Vermaak

3D Design | Client: Mr & Mrs Vermaak
Date: April 2018 | Type: Residential

Nestled within the valleys and dunes of Paradise Beach the house is set within an extremely steep site.

Due to the slope and the need for views of the sea that are somewhat restricted, it was fundamental to find the balance between setting the house as far up the slope as possible to achieve the views, but at the same time reach a balanced level that was both accessible and made the most economical sense.

The house then is perched two-thirds of the way up the dune. The main entrance, garages and utility section of the house form the basement structure on top of which the living and bedroom accommodation lightly attach to.

The upper structure is a hybrid between concrete and steel. These two elements define the make-up of the building’s aesthetics both internally and externally.

The result is a well-grounded form to the North directly accessibly to the back yard and a soft more detailed dynamic that cantilevers to the South. The southern form is intended to evoke a sense of airiness as it essentially becomes the viewing platform to the sea views beyond.

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