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Cabin 915 Paradise Beach

Client: Mrs. & Mrs. Heugh | Date: May 2020 | Type: Residential

What a special site! This weekend beachfront cabin is dynamic and all about context.

Perched on top of the dunes, the 142m² footprint stands tall, lightweight in its form and ready to take on the view!

The main seed evolved around the idea of a lifesavers hut that is more than often raised on stilts to achieve a viewing height and also do not usually conform to any sort of norm.

This house could quite easily have been symmetrical, but where is the fun in that? The buildings form pulls the roof off-center, ‘aka asymmetrically’, and is grounded to the dune by a shaft of textured brickwork. When viewed from the North (street) this asymmetry is further enhanced by a small imposing dune to the one side that the structure is perked on.

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