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Walmer Manor

Client: Mr & Mrs M Jensen | Date: May 2022 | Type: Residential

A project that spanned a period of 3 years, from inception to reality, surely exceeded the expectations of all involved. This beautifully defined manor would be best described as old-world charm meets contemporary architecture with a high level of detail.

The home is based around a centralised arched passageway, from which all rooms lead off. DMV Architecture was responsible for producing a product that needed to be of high quality and refinement.

Everything in this project is bespoke; from window and door architraves, imported aluminium, wall paneling, coffered ceilings, joinery and custom light switches, to stone masonry from Spain and 100 year old Austrian reclaimed oak.

The north facing side of the central entertainment space completely opens up onto the pool and landscaped formal garden, whereas to the south, the kitchen and study both open up to a more intimate terrace and tennis court.

The overall product is of a substance that appears to have been there for generations.

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