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House Rennie

Client: Mr & Mrs Rennie | Date: May 217 | Type: Residential

The building is beautiful, elevated, texturized and scaled to create what we at DMV Architecture call the Royalston Purist Pavilion. The structure is made up of a monolith mass of concrete combining the principles of strength, shuttering and canti-lever. The use of large scaled windows and doors assist the connection of the interior to the exterior as well as allowing the occupant the option to decide how they want to determine the space utilization for specific occasions by sliding these glazed doors into hidden cavities. The building also ticks the boxes of sustainability through the implementation of a 36000 litre water reservoir underneath the garage and a PV panel installation on the roof that feeds the home enough electricity to harvest enough power for it to be disconnected from the grid should the home owner wish to do so. As architects we enjoyed creating the simplicity of the space through simple architectural principles that have in turn created this Royalston Purist Pavilion.

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