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House Mulder — Project 2

Client: Mr & Mrs Mulder | Date: November 2020 | Type: Residential

Situated on the St Francis Links Golf Estate, a lot of the inspiration was drawn from the site.

With existing houses to both the east and west, the southern entrance of the house is relatively ‘tightly’ integrated into the estate’s urban fabric, adding to the intimacy of the home.

The northern part of the site lives privately onto a greenbelt that allows the house to be designed in such a way that both the east and west wings provide an element of privacy for the home owners. We also ensure that the home sits as far towards the north of the property as possible, to create that connection to the greenbelt and best generate that indoor-outdoor living.

The architectural expression therefore allowed the east and west wings to be scaled up to provide as much visual privacy from neighbours and wind and the centre of the house as a linking element that ties these two ‘gable expressed’ wings together. The centre of the building was further grounded by the introduction of a mass circular fireplace providing the contrast between sides and middle. Further to this, the house is built on an unpainted brick plinth that contrasts the white textured walls; this stark contrast, along with the introduction of cantilevered elements, creates a floating sensation to the aesthetic.

Overall, the positioning of the home, along with its wide glass sliding doors, is what allows the building to feel so incredibly integrated with its context.

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