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House C Jensen

Client: Mr & Mrs C Jensen | Date: February 2014 | Type: Residential

The building was developed to live naturally within its existing setting and to make the most of what the existing ‘platform’ had to offer. The architecture of the new dwelling is one that was developed through a careful understanding of what a family home means to the family, and it is clear that upon entering the residence it instils a sense of emotion that automatically allows you to feel welcomed and at home. The building aesthetic was created through a timeless aesthetic and perhaps a blend of the South African vernacular and small re-interpretations of colonial elements evident in the double concrete cast columns and spaces that run along the northern façade of the building. The building makes use of steel, timber, concrete, plaster and natural stone elements in order for the overall aesthetic to be timeless, but yet mature at the same time. The building is broken down in plan by separating the existing platform that once formed the existing single storey dwelling, this separation is created through the implementation of a link that houses the main circulation of the building. North facing balconies and screens also help break down the overall scale of the building. Interior and exterior spaces are united through glazed vistas as well as the continuation of natural stone and colour that extends from exterior to interior. The building has pockets of natural planting around, in-between as well as ‘on top’ to help reinstate its position within this natural setting. As an architect, this project is celebrated by the joyous occasion of how our client lives and enjoys the spaces within their family home. Most often todays projects can get carried away with monumental pavilions or egotistical statements, we strongly believe that this project has brought back the simplicity of family living, love and a building that will connect people and be unaltered for years to come.

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