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441 St Francis Links

Client: Mr & Mrs Maritz | Date: February 2022 | Type: Residential

Set within the breathtakingly beautiful, indigenous, Milkwood trees on the St Francis Links Golf Course, ERF 441 offers great opportunity from its vantage point, but also presented many challenges with regards to the slope of the site and the siting of the building within the protected vegetation.

The heart of this home is, without a doubt, the courtyard. The courtyard being a sunken interactive space, acting as the knuckle between the owner’s private living space to the north, and the multi-purpose family units, perched on a separate level above, to the south.

These boutique hotel-like units are intended for the owner’s close family and children over the holiday period, but also provide the opportunity to double up as golf rentals during the year.

The rooms will also form part of the owner’s Island Way Villa collection, where family, friends and golfing guests can make use of the communal kitchen, pool and courtyard amenities. Split levels within the design provides all living areas with stunning views, as well as offering protection against prevailing winds. The owner’s quarters overlook the northern side of golf course and St Francis Bay, while the units above are orientated to have views and access to the southern nature reserve of Cape St Francis.

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