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House van Jaarsveld

Client: Mr & Mrs van Jaarsveld | Date: December 2016 | Type: Residential

Regional 2017 SAIA-EC award for architecture

The project consists of a new double-storey extension to the rear of an existing, single storey, stone faced house on the public street edge. A new, materially contrasting, but formally neutral container of activities bridges between the old and new. When viewed from street level the new extension is hardly visible and chooses not to intrude on the streetscape, yet, when found, it nevertheless has a strong though not overpowering individual identity. This deference is acknowledged as a sound strategy given the historic significance of the streets in the town.Throughout, the old and the new have been formally and spatially well integrated, with the open lightness of the new contrasting the solidity of the old. The new is well organized with straight-forward but well-founded planning, clean lines and clear but unfussy details -finished to a noteworthy, high standard of craftsmanship.

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