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House Efstratiou

Client: Mr & Mrs Efstratiou | Date: December 2017 | Type: Residential

Alterations to another pokey Walmer house, disconnected living areas and an array of various levels?

Our clients had been living in their home for some years and had seen the interventions that we were able to achieve at the neighbour’s house.

After meeting with them on-site, it was apparent that this house to also required some challenging interventions.

We were able to open up the planning of the lower level through the use of structural steel that we incorporated within the design of the aesthetic.

A new wider circulation axis was introduced that allowed the movement from the arrival foyer down into the living areas. The introduction of modern finishes were introduced to extend the flow of the open plan living areas as well as the use of various bulkhead and ceiling details added to the overall project design.

The result is an interior formed by clean lines, natural finishes, and a feeling of openness. We utilised warm, natural timber finishes to bring in an inviting, homely feel to the interiors. Set against the cold structural steel, these raw materials create an interesting juxtaposition of interior finishes.

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