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Contain Yourself

Client: Olive Tree Farms | Date: December 2015 | Type: Restaurant

This building follows on from the ‘quirky’ intervention that is the Grass Roof Farm Stall and restaurant and forms an extension to the current facility offering a multi-purpose venue. The building consists of two suspended recycled shipping containers linked together by a double volume barn made of light gauge steel or LSF.  The barn links to the existing buildings via a central axis that connects this new structure to the courtyard of the existing. As the farm stall grows, the idea is for the buildings to also grow, but become individual structures that will eventually form a greater courtyard creating a series of linked spaces.  Contain Yourself therefore takes on its own identity within the farm stall, much like the others will. The intention of making the farm stall an important destination for family activity will no doubt develop positively as the laying of the buildings further develop.

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